Welcome to Baek's Tiger Martial Arts (BTMA). We take great pride in our school and look forward to sharing the benefits of martial arts to students of all ages. 


School Creed

I will practice in the spirit of martial arts,
with courtesy for my fellow students,
loyalty for my instructor,
and respect for all people.

I shall live with perseverance
in the spirit of martial arts,
having honor for others,
integrity within myself,
self control in my actions,
and indomitable spirit
to finish what I have started,
to reach my goals and set new ones, SIR !!!

Tenets of Tae Kwon Do



To promote the spirit of mutual concessions.
To be ashamed of one's vices, contemplating those of others.
To be polite to one another.
To encourage a sense of justice.
To distinguish instructor from student and senior from junior.


In Tae Kwon Do, integrity means being able to define right and wrong,
And having the conscience to feel guilt if wrong.


There is an old Asian saying: "Patience leads to virtue or merit."
A serious student must learn not to be impatient - to continue steadfastly, to persevere.

Self Control

This tenet is very important both inside and outside the Do Jang.
Whether one conducts oneself in free sparring or in one's personal affairs,
A loss of one's self control can prove disastrous to both student and opponent.
An inability to work within one's capability is also a loss of self control.

Indomitable Spirit

A serious student will at all times be modest and honest.
If confronted with injustice, he will deal with the belligerent without fear or hesitation,
and with indomitable spirit, regardless of who it may be or how many there may be.